What is SEO Content Writing?

If your website depends on search engine traffic, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions – what is SEO writing doing to benefit your website, and how are you going to take it to the next level? You want to rank but only search engine optimized content will make the cut. What is SEO writing? You need to know all you can about this important practice, because great SEO friendly content is the only way to be noticed by the engines and favored in the SERPs.

Why do search engines rank some pages than others?

Search engines are driven by customer satisfaction – the ultimate goal is to provide the most relevant information to the person entering the search query. Everything else is secondary. Search engines decide your ranking based in major part on the perceived value and relevancy of the page content.

What is SEO writing worth to your website? It depends on how much you want to rank for converting keywords. What is SEO content writing capable of accomplishing? It depends on the tactics you use. Are you ready to tailor your writing for SEO? Keep reading to find out how.

What is SEO Writing? Optimized Content Explained!

Writing for SEO is an underrated but entirely crucial part of gaining exposure.

Remember: the web is composed of mixed media but search engines can only read text. This limitation opens the door to great success with article writing for SEO. Search engine algorithms depend on text to determine relevancy of a page, so you can tailor your content and articles for SEO to rank for the keywords you want.

Optimized articles give you the advantage over thin, low-quality content pages.

Content writing for SEO is vastly different from putting together a personal blog post or stuffing keywords on a sales page. What is SEO writing? It is a way of creating the content that your target audience values, written in a way that search engines can understand.

How does SEO work with your content creation goals? Which tactics should you use? It really depends on the purpose of your page or website. We will explore a few of the most common types of optimized articles, and their unique requirements, in the sections below.

SEO Copy Writing

What is SEO copy writing? Copy writing prompts the reader to taking action – most of the time it involves clicking a link, buying a product, or signing up for a newsletter. What is SEO writing used for when it comes to persuasive copy? It helps you target the right audience.

Let’s pretend that your website promotes your newest gardening eBook. You want content that ranks well for relevant key phrases – things like “gardening book”, “garden guide”, or “planting a garden”. These target an audience that needs the help that your eBook can provide. A keyword like “used garden tools” might get a lot of traffic, but that traffic will not convert well in to eBook downloads. SEO copy writing isn’t easy, but the effort pays off.

The goal of SEO copy writing is to convert, plain and simple. Your keyword selection, page title and overall content should target an audience that is ready to take action.

What is SEO Content?

Surprisingly, immediate conversions are not always the goal of content writing for SEO. What is SEO content used for, then? It can help attract traffic, create authority, or pass on link juice.

Traffic is an obvious one. Sites that depend on advertisements for income just need an interested audience. Ranking for relevant keywords with content that people want to read is the goal of this type of article writing for SEO.

Authority articles for SEO, however, go beyond basic traffic. Authority articles are highly useful to the reader, and other webmasters love to link to useful articles. Links from good sites increase your SERP rankings, but you cannot get a link unless the webmaster actually wants to link. This practice, when taken one step further, is called “link baiting” and we will cover this delightful tactic a little later.

What is SEO content used for the most? Links are the most common motivator behind writing for SEO. Content writing for SEO is not just useful for gaining backlinks, like in the example above, but it is also useful for creating links in bulk. Good optimized articles with good anchor links are great for article directories and blog networks in order to beef up your off-page optimization and boost your search rankings.

SEO Link Baiting

If you are inexperienced with content creation, then you might want to let a professional handle this one. What is SEO writing in the purest, most organic form possible? What is SEO content writing in its most effective form? Writing for pure awesomeness is what search engines want you to do. Link bait articles for SEO to generate curiosity, spark debate, or “wow” the audience.

These types of articles are written in such a way that people cannot help but link to them. People link to this wow-worthy content on social networks, on their blogs, on forum posts, or even on their websites. These are often timely (or timeless) articles read for their unique novelty factor or original research.

How Do Search Engines Judge Content?

Developing SEO friendly content requires strategy. What is SEO writing meant to accomplish? Don’t forget that content writing for SEO is for readers first, but search engines still need to be able to read and analyze the text.

How does SEO work? Search engines determine the relevancy of a page based on a number of factors, many of which deal with the on-page text. Search engines scan and store the text for later recall. Here are some of the text-based cues that a search engine might be looking at when deciding when to display a page to a searcher:

    – The position of key phrases
    – The amount of text-based content above the fold
    – The originality of the text
    – The length of the article
    – The coherency of the writing
    – Keyword density

That last item is extremely important. What is SEO writing worth without careful keyword targeting? Unfortunately, the wrong keywords (or wrong number of keywords) can actually stand in the way of your SERP goals.

What is Keyword Density?

You’re probably wondering – what is keyword density and why does it matter so much? Keyword density is the number of times that a keyword (or keywords) appears in your copy. Search engines use keywords to decide what a page is about. The more times a word or phrase appears in your content, the more likely that content is related to the searcher’s query.

When spammers started abusing keywords, the search engines started being a little more careful. If search engine algorithms think you are inserting unnecessary keywords they might discount your links as spam, and they won’t count toward your ranking anymore.

What is keyword density really worth? It is not as important as providing quality content, but search engines will ignore your pages if they do not contain the right keywords. For this reason, a healthy keyword density around 3% or less is highly recommended. Anything more and you’d be tipping towards keyword stuffing which is a form of web spam and not beneficial to your SEO goals.

Putting SEO Writing in to Action

Are you ready to boost your ranking power? What is SEO writing accomplishing for your business, right now? If you don’t have any strategies in place, maybe it’s time to create one. You don’t have to be a talented wordsmith to take advantage of optimized content – you just need the resources to hire one.

All you have to do is provide the keywords, the anchors, and the plan.
Using a reputable SEO service can you help create a content plan for your business.

We already covered a few distribution methods that might work for you. You can generate direct traffic by posting optimized content on your site, you can increase page authority by attracting links from high ranking domains, you can distribute SEO articles to directory websites, or you can let a professional tap their vast resources of connections. It all depends on your budget.

Speaking of budget, you probably want to know – what is SEO writing going for these days? Low-quality articles are sold at just a few cents per word, but these are always a gamble. Cheap articles are great for a rapid-fire distribution method, but if you’re looking for authority for your website then you want high quality content. Good articles can cost anywhere from $1-5 dollars per 100 words, but you can find writers charging as much as $10-20 per 100 words depending on demand.

It only takes a minute to order articles from a professional vendor, and just a few days to screen and hire a reliable freelancer. The sooner you start optimizing your on-site content, the sooner you will see those SERP rankings start to climb.

What are you waiting for? Nothing is more rewarding than knowing your site is being found, read, and shared by the masses – and the only way to accomplish this is by getting exposure through solid search engine friendly copy. The amount of effort you put in to your strategy reflects the returns you will see, just like any other optimization method. Content is an investment – so what is SEO writing worth to your business?

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