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Are you a small business owner looking for help in the SEO department? Are you working on a tight budget but would love to have someone taking care of your SEO for you? Our Premium Small Business SEO services are affordable, highly effective and flexible. What more could a small business owner ask for?

Whether you’re apprehensive or have already signed on to how important SEO can be for your business – SEOPowerUp can help.

You’ll come across plenty of services advertising “affordable small business SEO services” for pennies on the dollar. Frankly speaking, when it comes to search engine optimization – you get what you pay for!

There’s a reason why medium and large size companies spend thousands of dollars per month on high quality SEO to remain ahead of their competition. Fine optimization, smart link building and content development is very time consuming and costly.

At SEOPowerUp we believe that there’s absolutely no reason to pay for what you don’t need.

We understand the challenges that come with small business because we own and operate several small businesses of our own. That’s why we’ve made it easy by offering affordable small business SEO services that are result-oriented and budget-friendly.

Our prices are as good as they come for the level of SEO expertise and link development we provide. We will only recommend what you need to get started rather than charge you for bloated link building services that could even jeopardize your search engine rankings and reputation in the eyes of Google.

Let’s face it; if you’re planning to do ANY business online, on some level, you’ve got to have an SEO plan.

Quality SEO for Small Business doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We have scalable and ready-made solutions to really help you dominate your market and increase your profits by optimizing your website in the best possible manner. No shortcuts.

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Did you just launch your website? Our SEO Business Startup Plan is exactly what you need…

SEO Small Business Startup Plan

When you’re starting your own business, there are a million things to check off the to-do list to make sure everything is where it needs to be in order to grow successfully.

If you want to get your business off on the right foot from an SEO perspective and ensure that you’re using the right keywords and link building (from a search volume and competition standpoint) to get you positioned for success – SEO Small Business Startup will cover all your bases.

This package was designed for small business startups looking for SEO direction, keyword planning and good initial positioning in Google. Your first rankings and signals can really set the tone for long term organic traffic.

Here’s an Overview of our 45-Day Small Business SEO Startup Plan

This specially designed small business SEO plan includes the following:

(100% Flexible – we can add/edit/remove anything you like to work with your Startup SEO Budget)

    Keyword Research for Drilling Down Profitable Search Terms in your Market
    Phone/Skype Consultation to Discuss On-Page SEO and Link Building Strategies
    45 Days of Slow and Steady Link Building to Get your Site Indexed and Ranked
    Unlimited Email/Skype Support to Answer all Your Questions
    Advice for Optimizing and Setting Up Popular Social Media Accounts (if required)
    Professional SEO Progress and Diagnostic Reports

The affordable Small Business SEO Startup Plan will get you ready, optimized and initially ranked for some of your targeted keywords. Achieving top rankings and expanding your targeted search terms will take time and additional link building but will be much easier if you start off on the right foot.

With time, you will also figure out which keywords are worth building on and discover new keywords as well. Don’t worry if any of this sounds complicated – we can help you every step of the way.

Ask us about the SEO BUSINESS STARTUP PLAN today!

SEO for Small Business Made Easy!

Whether you need a small business SEO consultant, startup strategy, high quality link development or all of the above – SEOPowerUP is ready to cater to you.

We can help you increase your online exposure, cultivate your authority, improve your search engine rankings and ultimately gain more customers. Need link building recommendations? Keyword planning? Content marketing strategies to gain more traffic? No Problem!

Say Hello and let us know how we can help.

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How can SEO Help My Business?

Nowadays you can’t afford NOT to invest in cultivating the authority of your web domain through proper SEO. Getting your business positioned ahead of others in your industry will put your business in front of real life customers that are searching for what you have to offer.

Bragging rights aside – smartly positioning your business website at the top of the rankings for specific keywords can produce new prospects, customers and more sales for your business on an on-going basis.

Any kind of SEO for Small Business should be considered an investment rather than a rapid-fire solution to quick profits. The ideal way to go about things is to figure out how much of your marketing budget can be allocated to SEO without ignoring any other promotions you plan on doing.

Effectively link building and optimizing your website can produce long lasting rankings which will deliver free targeted customers and organic traffic to your site every single day.

The true value of SEO for your small business should never be underestimated and it can be an important addition to your bottom line if it’s done right with ROI in mind.

The Goal is to Make More Money with your Business….

We take pride in the small business SEO services we offer and your success is very important to us. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have ANY questions or need help figuring out the ideal strategy for your business.

Take a Minute and contact us to discuss pricing today!

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