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If you’re searching for the best SEO consultant for your business or an expert in search engine optimization to help you with organic online marketing – you’ve landed on the right page!


Here’s the thing. There are way too many fingers in the cookie jar when it comes to SEO. Everyone has an opinion or a method or a secret to help you rank in the search engines. Exceptionally good expertise is hard to find.

It’s quite simple – a good consultant that specializes in SEO will provide advice and insight that will save you time and make you more money.

You’d be surprised how many online marketers, business owners and some professional SEO consultants have no clue how to truly profit from search engine optimization. Organic website marketing is about far more than just rankings and how fast one can achieve them.

In order to figure out how you can grow and make more money, an expert SEO consultant will take time to understand your business goals and needs. The right kind of consulting service will ensure search engine optimization turns out to be a valuable investment instead of an unwise expense.

There are literally an infinite number of ways to approach SEO. Instead of focusing on hearsay or getting caught up in a web of complicated methodologies, getting help from an experienced SEO consultant can transform how you do business online. After all, website optimization is a form of marketing – a very powerful form of marketing that should not be ignored.


You need to carefully optimize your website, get backlinks and build authority over time in order to position your business for long term profitability.

Buying a bunch of backlinks for cheap might produce quick results but will do nothing for your business 3 months down the line. If you target the wrong keywords – don’t expect to grow or profit. Don’t even get us started on what will happen if your website content, landing pages or on-page optimization are poorly executed.

You need to have a PLAN. This is where SEO consulting comes in…

    – First you need to figure out which keywords to target. Not just any old keywords, but the right keywords that will ultimately deliver more targeted users and paying customers to your site. SEO consulting services will answer questions and help pinpoint which keywords are worth pursuing.

    – Then you need to focus on on-page optimization in order to make sure you send the right signals to search engines when they come crawling. This includes content planning, TITLE tag customization and other key factors. This is the foundation and is unique to every website.

    – Finally, you must engage in slow and steady link development and domain authority building to inherently make your website more popular and worthy of top rankings. Link building sounds easy but it can be extremely tricky.

Remember… You need to have a PLAN! Your SEO consultant will have years of experience, resources, tools and techniques to produce real results.


Here are some great questions to ask during an SEO consultation.

Questions to Ask Yourself…

    – What is my principal objective or goal with regards to SEO?
    – Do I simply need Link Development or On-Page Optimization as well?
    – How much am I comfortable spending for SEO services if I hired help?
    – What would 100 or 1000 more Free Targeted Visitors per month be worth for my business?
    – Do I have any real experience with organic marketing?
    – How much am I spending on various marketing channels and where does SEO fit into the mix?
Questions to Ask Your SEO Consultant…

    – What are the critical changes I should make to improve my on-page signals?
    – What’s the right SEO strategy to help me build more traffic and make more money?
    – What am I doing wrong with my website?
    – What kind of link building methods do you recommend?
    – What is the best way to direct and convert my organic search engine traffic?
    – Can you provide a realistic strategy to help me reach more customers?


Need an affordable SEO consultant? How about a Link Building consultant? We will provide honest answers and get to the bottom of how you can make SEO work for your business.

If you heard about us through a friend or from one of our happy clients – you already know that we focus on quality SEO that delivers results. Our up-to-the-minute SEO methodology and years of online experience will do wonders for your business. We’re also quite friendly and offer great customer service!

Our Phone/Skype SEO consulting services start at only $119 per 75-min session. This includes your choice of Skype or Phone consultation. We will provide a follow-up document with actionable notes and key takeaways from the sessions. There’s no minimum and no contracts.

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