Are you looking for affordable SEO services to propel your search engine rankings to a whole new level? Whether you’ve just launched your website and need a steady flow of high quality backlinks or on-page optimization planning to energize your existing SEO marketing strategies, we can help.

Search Engine Optimization Can be Complex but it doesn’t have to be. Our effective SEO services are easy and affordable.

Our simplified yet powerful SEO packages and link building services are designed to focus on what matters most: RESULTS.

The organic SEO services we provide are proven and tested techniques. Our team is always monitoring Google trends to ensure our work remains above the fold. If you need to improve your rankings and want more organic traffic, it’s time to take advantage of our services designed for any size business. On-Page and Off-Page optimization. SEOPOWERUP can help with every aspect of your organic marketing campaign. We take care of everything for you while you reap the benefits.

Your positioning for targeted keywords will improve and your site will receive valuable free targeted traffic. Targeted traffic means paying customers that are looking for exactly what your company and business has to offer.


SEO Packages with No Hidden Fees! No Hidden Fees
Real affordable SEO packages and flexible pricing plans without surprises.
No Nonsense Organic Marketing “No Nonsense” SEO
We’ve stripped the science of SEO down to proven and effective strategies that work.
Our SEO Company is Google Friendly! Google Friendly
We practice ethical SEO. No Shortcuts. Everything we do is white hat!
Link Diversity and Top Quality Backlinks Link Diversity
Top quality backlinks for cultivating natural authority and a diverse link profile.
SEO Work and Ranking Reports SEO Work Reports
Transparency on the location of your principal backlinks and order fulfillment.
White Glove Service White Glove Service
We take care of everything for you so you can worry about other important stuff.
Top Rankings that Stay Strong Top Rankings that Stick
Your position in the SERPs will improve naturally and remain strong.
Effective SEO Services and Measurable Results Measurable Results
Your link profile and rankings WILL improve for just about any targeted keyword.
100% Original Content 100% Original Content
Seasoned North American writers that produce the best optimized content.
Our Company Cares about Your Business We Really Care!
We sincerely want to help you get better rankings and grow your web presence.


Organic SEO Traffic Rocks!

Online marketing is a tedious and arduous process. If you’ve done any web marketing (especially organic SEO marketing) on your own, you know how time consuming it can be to bring real traffic to your website.

We ALL use search engines to find what we need on a daily basis. Your potential clients and website visitors are using specific keywords to find what they need as we speak! You should NOT put off getting your organic marketing off the ground. Our company offers a variety of packages for your business. Making sure your website is at the top of search results can greatly impact your business and brand.

Our team will make sure your website is ranked for specific relevant keywords that will enable you to profit from the power of organic traffic. We’ll open up an audience that’s specifically looking for what you have to offer. Search engine traffic is extremely valuable targeted traffic – which is priceless for lead generation, building a customer base and establishing a brand.

The demand for SEO marketing services is very high, partly due to costly alternatives like PPC and other forms of online advertising. This demand has created a plethora of SEO providers and tools to assist with every aspect of search engine optimization. Some good and many not so good.

Many marketing services use poor techniques that might produce amazing rankings quickly but with very little sustainability. Usually those amazing rankings fall off just as quickly. It’s normal for rankings to move up and down (especially with competitive keywords) and even fade so investing in the quality links offered by our service will ensure stronger positioning and a better ROI in the long run.

    There’s no backstage pass to top rankings in Google.
    It takes time and it takes work.

Managing keywords and building a healthy mix of quality backlinks is very time-intensive. Our SEO services will eliminate the guesswork and provide a steady flow of quality backlinks to push your rankings ahead of the competition.



SEOPU The Best SEO Services Company

We don’t pretend to know everything or make claims for the sake of doing so. We cut to the chase and provide sensible answers to your SEO questions. We provide a very straightforward yet powerful SEO marketing service that will help you improve search engine rankings for your desired keyword(s). Our packages are clear and concise so you understand what you’re paying for. We’re an honest and experienced SEO company that puts our clients first.


We’re very aware and in tune with current happenings in the Internet Marketing space. Any and all link development is done nice and slow to maintain natural link velocity and ensure that your rankings have legs. We focus on providing effective SEO services above all. Manual, White Hat, Google friendly – whatever you want to call it – you can be assured that everything is done with the utmost caution because we know how important your website is for your business and online success.


Keywords and Rankings are like breathing to us. We build hundreds of links to our own sites and consistently get top rankings for all kinds of keywords. We’ve ranked hundreds of pages and domains in more than 25 different niches in the past few years. Our SEO packages feature the same methods we use daily to produce real results. Whether your keyword is low, or high, competition, we can help.


Are you a small business owner looking for help in the SEO department? Are you working on a tight budget but would love to have someone taking care of your SEO for you? Our Premium Small Business SEO services are affordable, highly effective and flexible. What more could a small business owner ask for?

You’ll come across plenty of services advertising “affordable small business SEO services” for pennies on the dollar. Frankly speaking, when it comes to search engine optimization – you get what you pay for!

There’s a reason why medium and large size companies spend thousands of dollars per month on high quality SEO to remain ahead of their competition. Fine optimization, smart link building and content development is very time consuming and costly.

Let’s face it; if you’re planning to do ANY business online, you need an organic marketing and SEO plan. We’ve made it easy by offering affordable small business SEO services that are result-oriented and budget-friendly.

When you’re starting your own business, there are a million things to check off the to-do list to make sure everything is where it needs to be in order to grow successfully.

If you want to get your business off on the right foot from an SEO perspective and ensure that you’re using the right keywords and link building (from a search volume and competition standpoint) to get you positioned for success – Our On-Page optimization and SEO Consulting services are just what you need.

We can help you increase your online exposure, cultivate your authority, improve your search engine rankings and ultimately gain more customers. Need link building recommendations? Keyword planning? Content marketing strategies to gain more traffic? No Problem!


Nowadays you can’t afford NOT to invest in cultivating the authority of your web domain. Getting your business positioned ahead of others in your industry will put your business in front of real life customers that are searching for what you have to offer.

Bragging rights aside – smartly positioning your business website at the top of the rankings for specific keywords can produce new prospects, customers and more sales for your business on an on-going basis.

SEO should be considered an investment rather than a rapid-fire solution to quick profits. Effectively link building and optimizing your website can produce long lasting rankings which will deliver free targeted customers and organic traffic to your site every single day.

The true value of SEO for your small business should never be underestimated and it can be an important addition to your bottom line if it’s done right with ROI in mind.


When searching for marketing services, you’ll come across all kinds of price points and packages. First lets take a look at Cheap SEO Services…

You’ll find search engine optimization and link building services that are attractively cheap. “Hundreds of Super-Awesome-Authority Links for $79!” “First Page Rankings in 3 Weeks for $149!” Most of these services use black-hat techniques or build low quality links that won’t really improve your rankings, and if they do, the results never last very long.

Oftentimes, cheaper services rely solely on software and automated tools to get the job done. Using software is OK in some cases but doing so exclusively, while ignoring the human element completely, is NOT. Neither is building too many links too quickly, no matter the price.

    What about those cheap services that have helped my rankings?

If you’ve managed to use cheap tools and quickfire services to produce great results, you’re definitely doing something right. Don’t stop. Sometimes using cheap alternatives can and will help your overall marketing efforts.

Will you consistently achieve first page rankings for every keyword you target? Absolutely not – unless you multiply what you’re doing exponentially. That will cost you hundreds, even thousands, once all is said and done. And even if you do see a jump in rankings using a cheap service, how long will the honeymoon last? Building many low quality links can work in the short term but profitable rankings are rankings that are built to last.

So What About Affordable SEO Services?

Affordable SEO Service

The true definition of “affordable” in the world of SEO has many meanings.

We believe an affordable SEO service is one that provides you with practices that are easy to understand and that deliver results. They understand Search Engine Optimization and can back up their claims. They don’t hide behind pricing. An affordable SEO service makes things very clear so that you can make the right decision based on your budget. Packages should be reasonable and their link-building techniques should be cutting edge. That’s we strive to achieve at SEOPOWERUP!

There are plenty of good affordable companies that won’t offer some of the things we do because it costs more and requires more time to manage. We do it because we understand the value of quality links built via quality content in an age when search engines are constantly weeding out low-quality material.

Google regularly updates its algorithm to guarantee quality pages and relevant search results. Ensuring that your targeted keywords relate well to your website content is one thing. Making sure the weight and diversity of your backlinks are strong is another.

Managing your keywords, mixing up your anchors and quality-method link building strategies will make sure your marketing efforts subsist as the search engines continue to evolve.

If you want to positively impact your organic rankings give one of our packages a try. Select the affordable SEO option that’s right for you. We’ll manage every aspect of producing content and publishing backlinks – You don’t have to worry about a thing!

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